How Distributed Antenna System Installation Can Affect Joint Use Assets

das monitoring, DAS and joint assets

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) were first deployed about 30 years ago. DAS integration service started out as a solution to provide wireless coverage in areas with low to no coverage, however, with recent advancements in the world of technology, DAS networks today have played important roles in filling the gaps …

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Errors To Avoid With DAS

DAS system installers

Look Out For These Common Distributed Antenna Systems Errors With New Installation As DAS system installers, successfully extending cellular coverage inside buildings demand a careful analysis and evaluation of the potential pitfalls and how best to avoid them. To ensure that you make the best of the installation process, below …

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What is a Public Safety DAS?

what is a public safety das?

A public safety distributed antenna system (DAS) is typically installed inside buildings and large public venues. Public safety DAS is on a different frequency than cellular DAS and is intended for first responders to communicate over their radios without interruption. Most structures built with concrete block, steel or dense material, experience issues …

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