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Cellular DAS Systems

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What is a cellular DAS?

A cellular distributed antenna system (DAS) is an in-building wireless solution that can help with inadequate cell phone coverage inside a building.

How easy/expensive is cellular DAS installation?

It depends on the size of the building and the needs of the customer. We have several different solutions that we can go over once we have the details needed. Typically we send an in-depth questionnaire to get preliminary questions answered. We also ask for a set of floor plans and square footage of the building or structure to help get the most accurate quote. Many commercial premises, hospitals, and even residential buildings have implemented cellular DAS systems to boost the buildings’ signal. If you are a building owner and your building has inadequate coverage, it is likely your business will suffer. Whether your tenants are unhappy and move due to lack of coverage, or your patrons avoid coming to your business because they know they can’t use their phones without interference. People will avoid places that they can’t use their devices. Deciding to install a cellular DAS system in your building can be a big decision based on the project’s cost and time. However, it’s always worth it to have the people in your building happy and able to communicate, whether it be a hospital, condos/apartments, or a commercial building. Installation of cellular DAS can be a big decision for a business but ultimately will help in the long run. We can work with any budget to help provide a quote to meet your needs.

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Cellular DAS vs. WIFI

Often building owners will say having WIFI is enough, and while phones will work on wifi, it is usually not reliable. WIFI can have connectivity issues in buildings, and when entering or leaving the building, the connection is lost. This is not a reliable source when using a phone, especially in the event of an emergency. A cellular DAS system will ensure that people inside a structure can communicate throughout the building. Doing so provides peace of mind to both the building owners and the people inside the building.

The importance of cellular DAS systems

Being able to communicate is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. People rely on their cell phones to be able to stay connected. In an emergency, people expect to be able to use their devices to call emergency responders or loved ones. Many buildings due to the materials, the building is made out of, people will need to go outside to make a call or to the nearest window. This is a frustrating experience, and in the event of an emergency, it can be dangerous. This is far too common, and people will avoid places where they know they don’t get reception. Installing a cellular DAS system in your building can take areas of the building with dead zones to 3 to 5 bars of signal.

Why choose Advanced Telecom Systems for cellular DAS installation?

At Advanced Telecom Systems, we pride ourselves on providing quality service at an affordable price. We are a family-owned business, and quality service has always been our top priority. We have worked on projects of all sizes. Whether it’s a large commercial building over 80,000 square feet or a small office that is less than 25,000 square feet, we have solutions that will fit your needs. We even offer solutions for home and car solutions for people who need cell coverage in their vehicles.

At Advanced Telecom Systems, we have over 20 years of experience in the telecom solutions world, and we know how ever-changing it is. Our solutions cover 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, and we will install the infrastructure to make sure we can upgrade systems efficiently and cost-effectively as technology evolves. We also offer annual maintenance agreements and do all we can to ensure the system is operating optimally. We provide free quotes and are happy to offer options that will fit your needs. If cell phone reception is something you have issues with, please give us a call (866) 704-1197 or email us today to find out what Advanced Telecom Systems can do for you.


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