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DAS Consulting Services by Advanced Telecom Systems

DAS Consultation:

das consulting servicesAdvanced Telecom Systems (ATS) provides distributed antenna systems (DAS) consultation worldwide. ATS has helped many companies and individuals determine which DAS solution best fits their needs and budgets. With so many solutions on the market, it is often difficult to get the right information about passive and/or active DAS. Many of our customers have no clue where to turn to when their associates, doctors, CEO’s or clients come to them complaining about poor cell phone coverage or public safety issues. ATS can help as we’re certified with all the major equipment manufacturers which allows us to effectively break down pricing and vendor proposals which in turn helps our clients save thousands of dollars.

Advanced Telecom provides the following DAS consulting services:

New construction pre-wire services. Many construction companies and builders have consulted with ATS to determine if their new property will need enhanced cellular or public safety prior to construction beginning. ATS will propose a plan after assessing the areas cellular coverage and contacting the local AHJ or fire marshal. ATS can then propose pre-wire services to make sure the customers building will have adequate coverage after construction is completed. Many builders make the mistake of putting off the pre-wire only to find out after completion that the building lacks adequate cellular or public safety coverage. This will cause a more expensive installation due to cutting holes in drywall or making penetrations between the floors.

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Contract and plan design review. ATS will review any proposed contract and design plans and offer recommendations on pricing, type of equipment proposed, installation pricing and other costs associated with your project. This can help cut costs or lower the project price in its entirety.

RFP Response Development and Analysis. Let ATS help with the entire RFP process for your in-building project/s. From start to finish, ATS will help tailor the desired solution and prepare a Request For Proposal (RFP) that includes technical specifications, performance minimums, coverage standards, the design or design standards, adaptability for new technologies, interference management, and regulatory compliance.

ATS will provide technical support during the entire RFP process including pre-walk or site surveys with potential bidders, handle and respond to all RFP questions, oversee analysis of submitted RFP’s, interviews and provide recommendations on which bidder to choose.

Carrier Coordination. As an industry leader, Advanced Telecom Systems can help with all carrier coordination and rebroadcast agreements as well as potential monetary presentations that will benefit your company. In many cases the carriers may be more interested in your facility to expand their networks. These contracts are often complicated and ATS will facilitate this effort with the carriers to maximize ROI.

Installation inspection. Advanced Telecom Systems provides inspections both during and after installations. To prevent poor installations ATS will contract with our customers to inspect, oversee and test ongoing projects. This will help keep your project running smoothly and safeguard your DAS investment.

If you recently had a DAS installed and it’s not working properly, ATS can help. These issues happen all the time in the DAS industry, usually because the installers hired are simply not qualified. Many companies make the mistake of hiring electricians or low voltage cable experts only to find out that DAS is not in their scope of expertise. ATS will come on site and review the entire installation and help fix the problem/s.

Public Safety and FirstNet. Public safety is mandated in many jurisdictions and will soon be nationwide. ATS has designed and deployed many public safety solutions nationwide. Let Advanced Telecom Solutions find the requirements for your jurisdiction and prepare a design for review and implementation.

FirstNet is the national public safety network, helping law enforcement, firefighters and EMS save lives and protect communities across the United States. Using AT&T’s broadband network, FirstNet was instituted to become the national standard for anything public safety related. The DAS industry will also eventually fall under FirstNet’s authority to ensure in-building wireless repeaters (both active and passive) effectively deliver the signal strength and bandwidth necessary so that first responders can communicate during emergencies. ATS can help deploy your public safety DAS according to FirstNet specifications. 

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