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DAS Monitoring

Advanced Telecom Systems offers maintenance and monitoring packages to all of our clients.

das monitoringThe packages are tailored to the size and type of equipment manufacturer that was used for the clients project. Basic packages come with an annual checkup and other packages cover multiple visits as needed to keep the system working properly. ATS will also work with the equipment manufacturers return merchandise authorization or RMA as long as the equipment is still under the manufacturers warranty agreement. ATS also offers extended warranties on all equipment that is serviced or sold. This extended warranty can provide insurance for any piece of equipment covered under the policy.

24/7 monitoring can also be purchased and is highly recommended. The monitoring program can help resolve 90% of issues that occur with DAS equipment. It also lowers traveling and onsite technical support which saves our clients money. Monitoring can also be set up to trigger alarms that will alert any potential outages versus the client finding out from end users that there are coverage issues.

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