How to choose a Cellular DAS

For many, the acronym DAS (distributed antenna systems) is foreign. A DAS is needed in any area where consumers can’t get reliable cell phone coverage i.e. homes, buildings, stadiums, cars and even boats. There is also a growing need for DAS in the public safety markets, but this blog is primarily for cellular DAS.

Cellular DAS

Most consumers find out that they have poor in-building coverage after they have purchased their phones and take them to their homes or offices and try and use them. Most consumers will immediately call the carrier and find out there is nothing they can really do. The carriers typically try and sell an in-home system that works over the internet, but they are very unreliable at best. They also cost around $300.00 USD and the carrier doesn’t pay for it, you do! This is when the consumer typically gets upset and changes carriers only to find that the problem still exits and now they have wasted more time and money.

This is usually when the consumer looks for other alternatives and discovers DAS. For most smaller homes and offices under 6,000 square feet, there is a multitude of DAS plug and play type systems found readily available on the market. However, caution should be used on which system to purchase based on a number of factors such as the consumers nearest cell phone tower, what the home or office is made of, what the signal strength is outside of the home or office, terrain, and how many users to name a few. On top of this, installation is another factor. While most of the small DAS manufacturers such as Surecall, Wilson, EZ Boost and others state that the systems are all plug and play and easy to install, you might want to ask their customer support what all is involved. If you’re handy then these are easily installed, if not you will need expert installation. We highly suggest expert installation just because these units can be quirky and need to be dialed into the nearest tower. Regardless, all of these items will play a determining factor in what type of cellular in building DAS or cell phone booster you purchase.

For larger systems above the 6,000 square foot coverage area needed, it is highly recommended to consult with a company like Advanced Telecom Systems. We can steer you in the right direction and help reduce costs. The larger the system the more complicated and expensive they become.

The process usually starts with a site survey to determine many factors including square footage of the coverage area, carriers signal strength both at the rooftop level and inside the building, available roof penetrations and other factors. Please note that new construction is based on factors in the area including what the building will be built out of, terrain, and signal strength in the area.

The next phase is an iBwave design, which is the standard tool used for creating carrier approved designs. The design will help create a link budget and bill of material. This is the critical phase of the process and will determine pricing for the DAS deployment. Most DAS integrators typically only use one single DAS manufacturer or OEM (original equipment manufacturer). This keeps pricing higher versus a company like Advanced Telecom Systems, which will source the best products at the lowest pricing. Also by providing a full turnkey solution Advanced Telecom systems eliminates middlemen pricing which inflates costs.

If you are in the DAS market it is wise to seek out a credible consultant or partner like Advanced Telecom Systems to help provide the best solution at the lowest cost possible.

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