Is your business suffering due to poor cell phone coverage?

Almost every person who has a smartphone can think of a time when they had no service or spotty coverage. It can be so frustrating when you are unable to make a phone call or send a message because you have bad service. Having to go outside or to a nearby window can be very inconvenient.

This occurs in many places such as grocery stores, hospitals and even in homes or condos. Usually, the cause is from the materials that the building is made of and can block the signal completely. This is where a cellular DAS (distributed antenna system) can really help.

A cellular DAS system will boost the signal inside of a building and can take a dead zone to an area with 3 to 4 bars of service. There are various options for a DAS system depending on the building size and location of the building. The cost can vary, but at Advanced Telecom Systems (ATS) we pride ourselves on being cost-effective and budget-friendly. We will work with you to provide a DAS solution that fits your needs.

Whether your building is a small one-story office or a multi-story large building, we can find a solution that will work and enhance the coverage in the building. We are headquartered in Tampa, FL but do work nationwide. We can typically provide a proposal based on floor plans and square feet of the building but in some cases, we may need to do a site assessment.

In today’s world, people expect to be connected and able to communicate at the touch of a button. When there is interference it can not only be upsetting but it can also be a safety hazard. In the event of an emergency, people need to be able to reach out to first responders or loved ones. When this is affected due to no signal, it can become dangerous.

If you are a building owner and your building has poor coverage, it is likely your business will suffer. Whether your tenants are unhappy and move due to lack of coverage or your patrons avoid coming to your business because they know they can’t use their phones without interference. People will avoid places that they can’t use their devices.

If this is a problem at your business or home, give us a call or email us to find out what your options are. We would be happy to put together a quote and discuss your needs. We have a questionnaire that we initially send over to see what your specific needs are. Some people only require a portion of their building to have coverage or only have issues with a certain carrier. Whatever the situation is, we have a solution.

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