Communication is crucial for essential workers

The past couple of months have been unlike any we have experienced in our lifetime. For many, it’s a scary and trying time. The uncertainty of what will happen is causing so much anxiety. That’s why signal boosting services are vital for essential businesses and workers.

One of the initiatives at Advanced Telecom Systems (ATS) is to help boost the signal at hospitals all over the country so that patients, doctors, and nurses are able to communicate while in the building. Many hospitals have horrible connection problems that cause frustration to everyone there. This is usually due to what the building is made out of or how far away a cell tower is from the building. We get many complaints from doctors and nurses not being able to use their phones in the building and having to go outside to be able to communicate with friends or loved ones. This can be extremely inconvenient especially during the current pandemic where doctors or nurses may be working extra hours and unable to go outside to make a call or send a text.  This is also tough on patients at the hospital who struggle to connect with their loved ones due to poor coverage.

In these very uncertain times being able to connect and communicate with loved ones and friends remain vital. With the whole country under lockdown orders and people sheltering in place, it has been harder than ever to feel connected. People are relying on their phones to call and text or Facetime. Some even use platforms like Zoom or Skype to video chat. Many people that are working from home are relying on their phones and these platforms to keep up with their work.


At ATS, we have immense respect for those on the front lines working night and day and risking their own health to help others. We know it’s not easy and we are so thankful for all the essential workers who are pushing through and working to make sure everyone has what they need. We hope to be able to provide systems for more hospitals with poor reception to help these essential workers and patients.

This pandemic has put so much into the perspective of what matters and what does not. At times like this, we are grateful for the cellular DAS technology we have that allows us to communicate with friends and family and feel less alone. We know this will pass and things will get better in time.

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