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Advanced Telecom Systems offers a wide variety of WIFI solutions both inside of homes and buildings and outside as well including stadiums and other outdoor venues. Advanced Telecom Systems provides the following WIFI services:

wifi installation companiesHomes: Most homes work well off of one WIFI box usually provided by their service provider such as Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon or others. But there are many cases where the home may be large, have multiple stories, have a detached mother in-law suite or garage or home office building. In these situations, homeowners are forced to buy additional WIFI boxes from their service provider or carrier. This is where Advanced Telecom Systems can help by providing wireless extenders, routers and other equipment that will rebroadcast the signal from the homeowners main WIFI box supplied by the service provider or carrier. The cost savings in most circumstances are great for the homeowner because the homeowner doesn’t have to pay for additional monthly fees for the additional WIFI boxes required from the service provider or carrier. It also eliminates high installation costs. If your home needs additional WIFI for additional rooms or detached buildings, please email or call us immediately and we can get an estimate to you.

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Small Offices: Just like the homeowner, many small businesses need extended WIFI throughout their buildings. Advanced Telecom Systems can provide extended WIFI without the need for multiple service providers or carriers WIFI boxes. The monthly fees alone that the service providers or carriers charge for the additional WIFI boxes will cost thousands of dollars over a long period of use. Call us today and let us show you the cost savings by using Advanced Telecom Systems WIFI installations and office solutions.

Wifi InstallationsLarge Buildings, Office Complexes and High-Rise Condominiums: Every business and multiple dwelling condominium must have WIFI as most can’t communicate without it. Advanced Telecom Systems has provided turn-key WIFI solutions to many building owners across the nation. Using our iBwave design technology, we can efficiently predict how much bandwidth is needed and where the WIFI server antennas will need to be placed. For existing buildings, Advanced Telecom Systems will perform a site survey with spectrum analyzers to collect the data needed for the iBwave design. For new construction, Advanced Telecom Solutions will use prediction models that are 99.9% accurate. From the site survey, design engineering, installation and finally integration, Advanced Telecom Systems will provide a turn-key solution to meet any budget. We guarantee our pricing to beat any competitor 100%. Call or email us today to set up a consultation. 

Outside Venues: Advanced Telecom Solutions is one of the nation’s leading outside venue WIFI integrators. Having the right tools and expert personnel it takes for these complex solutions is what sets Advanced Telecom Solutions apart from its competitors. Advanced Telecom Solutions has installed for many outside venues including stadiums, outdoor malls, Outdoor condominium common areas, fairgrounds and many other outside areas that require high bandwidth WIFI for customers. Using the most advanced WIFI equipment in the industry allows Advanced Telecom Systems to provide the perfect solution for our customers. Please email or call us today for a free consultation.

Redundant WIFI Systems: Advanced Telecom Systems also offers redundant WIFI systems using Cradlepoint technologies to help companies insure WIFI capabilities using 4G technology when the company WIFI service provider or carrier services fail. These systems are mission critical for many companies that rely on robust WIFI communication services. The system is designed to be a failsafe back up in the event of an outage. Using 4G technology sim cards from any of the major carriers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, the solution will automatically back up WIFI solutions when they stop working. This is a mission critical solution for many companies, so please email or call us for more details.

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